Sunday, November 30, 2008

Latest News from Bang-na (11/26/08)

Hey All,

Yeah there is rioting in Bangkok, its been going
on for a few months, but yesterday it was
especially bad. The Pro goverment groups and
Anti goverment groups are at war with each other
on the streets, and one of the taxi drivers told
us yesterday that the airport was closed for a day
so the leaders of the riots could not leave the
country. There have been several car bombs, and
many people have been killed and injured in the
last few months. The mission is safe though, but
missionaries can't go to that area right now. I
haven't seen any of this for real, but it is all
over the news. But we are safe where we are, we're
not real worried about it. Dont be scared.

Well just the usual in Bang-na. We are in the
Lumpini Disrict of Bangkok today for preparation
day, before email, Elder Jones and I went to a
zone activity at the church building in Asoge
and just played some games for a while with the
zone members. We ate Sri Lankan food today, it
was great!

Yesterday was really busy, we went all over
Bang-na to various return appointments, and
I was exhausted by the end, we played soccer
with a local moving crew that was on break.
We played with them for a little while, and
gave them all pass along cards! Later we had
an appointment with Wiroon, an investigator,
whom we've visited several times. He hadn't
been reading or praying very much, but we
watched the Finding Faith in Christ DVD with
him last night, and at the end of the film,
he was just speechless, and in Thai He said,
"I am going to really pray tonight, because
I do have Faith in Jesus Christ!" So that was
really cool, The Spirit was really strong
there last night. We had a baptism on Sunday
for Ohm, a 9 year old, Elder Jones had started
teaching him before i got here. His family
had been less active for a while, but they
have started to come back to church again,
so i have a picture of him and the family. I
am going to load a bunch of pictures here now.

I am still having a hard time understanding
Thailand Thai, but President Dodge said that
it is normal for the first few weeks. I
really hope this phase passes soon. But I am
having a great time here, this country is so
awesome, the people are great, and the food
is great!

Oh, we will have a zone thanksgiving party on
Thurday with some other missionaries in the
zone so that will be fun. So Thats whats going
on. Thanks for keeping me updated on things at
home! Oh how did marching band go this year?
Could you send some pictures of my trees too?
Are they still alive? If they didnt make it,
thats okay! Im putting pictures onto Kodak
gallery right now, Thanks for all your support!
I'd love to hear from everyone.

Love, William

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