Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 9, 2008

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for the pictures, That picture of Drew Hansen (dressed as a tree) and Michael (with Winter Dance date, Amanda) is so funny, oh my gosh!!! That must have been a fun night! Well this week went well, the moves meeting is tomorrow, and I found out yesterday that Elder Jones and I will be in Bang-na for 6 more weeks. Sister Bileen will be moving somewhere else, but we dont know where yet.I sent a package full of letters for the family and the Thai letter for Paige to take to her class, also there is a CD full of pictures, from the MTC, and from my first 6 weeks in Bang-na. One of the letters in the package is an explanation of some of the pictures. The Elephant pictures and videos are on there too. So we have had many appointments this week with investigators and recent converts. A new investigator, Nooii, came to church this week. He is really cool, he has been reading and praying alot lately, and we have had several visits with him already. Wiroon is progressing alot since seeing the Finding Faith in Christ video. We havent seen Chatchay in a few days because he is out of town. I liked all the pictures of Austria you sent that are so cool and I recognize all those places. Well, not much else right now, I will keep an eye out for the packages. thanks so much!LoveElder Schulte

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