Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Hey! from Warin 5/20/09

Hey family,
It was great to be able to talk to you guys on Mother's Day! Today(P-day) we made pinata's for the English class showcase night at the end of this move. We are going to have a Mexican theme. So, that will be next week. We were at the district leaders house this morning, and his companion stayed with us and helped us make the pinata. The district leader, Elder Wiser, went golfing with the zone leaders today, and one of the zone leaders hit a hole in one, and almost won a prize, 1,000,000, baht,=which is about 30,000 dollars. but they didn't have enough witnesses! It would have been way cool!

We have some progressing investigators who are really good. We aren't going to see any baptisms this move, but we are really going to work with Duung and Narin. The zone leaders switched off with Elder Wiser and Giranat yesterday, and are coming back tomorrow to switch off with Elder Palmer and me in Warin.

The language is still going really well. I feel like I am learning new words everyday, even unintentionally, and I really try to find ways to use them in order to remember them. Elder Palmer and I have been inviting, using Thai jokes, that only make sense in Thai, but they are still kind of funny if you know the language, and the Thai people really get a kick out of them. This language is sweet!

I think I really like traditional Thai music and sounds now. Honestly, I really like waking up in the morning and hear chanting monks walking around the neighborhood. I like it because it is really unique. There are so many amazing things about this place. The cows here are really cool looking. They have really big floppy ears, like rabbits! Its way cool! I'll get pictures of them sometime. And, the tuk tuks that people use here, (they are the 3 wheeled scooters that people use as taxi's here). That's all we really use to get from place to place, our bikes, or the tuk tuks. We just call one up and say, hey, we need a ride, and he takes us wherever. Another thing that is unique is all the Buddhist temples, the architectural designs are very cool. Some of the statues are scary, but it is way cool to see these things. These aren't just things that are in this area, but in Bangkok as well.

The people are really nice here and are receptive to our message. I am really grateful for members who go out of their way to help us teach. They take really good care of us here. I've just been looking around lately and thinking about all the really unique things that are here, and its just a really fascinating place! Well, I hope you guys are doing well. I love you guys so much!!!

Godspeed, Elder Schulte

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