Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey guys!

So, its been raining alot here. It rains late at night. It rains in the afternoon. At about 8 oclock each evening there are some really cool lightning storms. This area is doing ok. We have 2 investigators with a baptismal date , Ji, a guy from Laos who has already been to church, and Chuuy, an elderly gentleman who loves having us over, he is doing really well. We taught him about the restoration recently. There is also Narane and his wife Nongyao, we haven't set a date yet, but we have taught the full restoration, and they are both doing really well.

Last week's switchoff with the zone leaders was fun. While Elder Johnson and I were together, Elder Palmer was with ElderPatrick, and Elder Palmer tried to ride a quaay, which is like a Thai buffalo, and it bucked him off its back. There is a picture of him flying off. It is really funny!!!!

We have a sports activity on friday nights, thats a lot of fun. The members really like soccer and badminton. We brought a less active member last friday and he had a blast! He's really athletic and it was great to have him at the activity. These members are really cool, some of them speak English really well but try to hide it. There are some members right now who are studying at the local university, and they are testing to get into BYU Hawaii. Sweet! This is Elder Wiser's last move. He has about 3 weeks left, but going on a switchoff with him this week was really cool. It must be amazing to be at his level, as far as progress in the mission with knowledge of language, doctrine, teaching, I really can't wait to get to that level. His Thai is incredible! Well, things are well, and they will keep getting better.

Hey fathers day is coming up. Happy Father's day Dad! and to Grandpa Buckwalter, Grandpa Schulte, and Grandpa Webb!!! Have a great Sunday!!!GodSpeed!!!Elder Schulte

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