Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The New Church Building! 6/10/09

Hey guys!
Well this last week was great! I want to tell you about the new church building. It is incredible! We had church there for the first time this past Sunday. There were 187 people in attendance and it was a great meeting. The weather was beautiful, which was awesome, because it has been raining here alot lately. This was about the first day that it hasn't in weeks! Elder Palmer and I had one of our investigators come to church and he had a great time. Our tuktuk driver came to church that day too. His name is Dune, and on Saturday night when he brought us back to our house, we told him about how Sunday would be a special day because of the first meeting in the new church. We asked him if he wanted to go, and he said yeah. He didn't have a Sunday shirt or tie or anything, so Elder Palmer gave him one of his shirts, I gave him one of my ties, and we found a pair of shoes that had been left in the house from previous missionaries, and he looked great! It was a great day at church!
These areas continue to progress. We talked about this at the DDM meeting (mom here... this must be some type of district meeting) on Monday, and what a blessing this new church is to members here. We can now see the results of years and years of missionary work and effort, and it doesn't stop, but keeps getting better and better. So also in DDM I had to give a prepared lesson on humility, a really important Christlike Attribute. In Ether 12, Moroni talks about humility, and how everyone has weaknesses, and as we humble ourselves before the Lord, and have faith in Him, he will be able to make our weaknesses into strengths. (v.23-28).
Oh, yesterday was another switchoff with the zone leaders, they both came to Warin. Elders Johnson and Patrick. Elder Johnson is the one from Orem. He knows Tony and Brittany, and Elder Patrick is from Evansville, Indiana. We had a great time Monday night. On Tuesday, Elder Johnson and I went with Elder Wiser and Webb to do a service project in Ubon. we helped make a concrete path to a member's house. It was a fun job, very long and messy, but its looking great!
Well, this week was fun ,and I really like going over to the new church building. It is beautiful and it really is a blessing for the members in this area. Thanks for reading, Elder Schulte over and out!

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