Wednesday, October 28, 2009

News from Yasothan 10/28/09


So here are some answers to your questions:
1. The couple missionaries that came actually came just to inspect the house. This is the responsibility of the financial secretary and his wife. They go around the country to various missionary houses and inspect them.
2. I think that Warin and the Yasothon city are about the same size. We eat out alot. Food is so cheap here, and a big thing here in Thailand are the Rans(food stand/restaurants along the side of the road), which serve really cheap but really good food.
3. There are differences in the food between this part of Thailand and the Bangkok area. Just like the language, I mean, the people in Bangkok like to eat certain things, that alot of people in this region don't really make. I've been wanting to meet up with some members on a p-day and have them teach us how to make Thai food, but I havent taken the time to do it yet.
4. The mission has a teaching program for members and basically anyone that wants to learn English. The classes are every Wednesday night at 6:30 and go for about an hour and a half. They are free and anyone can come. This is the set time basically for all the wards and branches. Class sizes vary, in Ubon, there were probably about 80 that came every wednesday, and we divided it into 3 classes, for each companionship. Here, there are about 15-20 that come each week.
So Diaw, is the friend from Ubon I was telling you about a while ago, he was trying to get in contact with you on facebook, mom. He is from Ubon, he's trying to get into BYU-Hawaii. Really cool guy! He speaks english pretty well. I thnk he might want some help finding college info. See what he is up to!

We had a sweet lesson with Peng, Yuu's wife, the other day, and she is on fire right now, and will be baptized by the end of the month, like i said, they have both changed alot, and she has been reading and praying alot, some thing she really hasn't done until recently, when she cut ties with her other church.

Yeah, I know Elder Willey. He's a really funny guy. I'm going to miss him alot. There are alot of people going home at the end of this transfer who I'm really going to miss.

Thanks so much for everything!

Oh, the Buckwalter's Baby will be a boy, born Feb 11th, 7:30 pm, 7lbs, 20 inches, and for a boy, "Jacob", for a girl "Rachel".
Thanks guys! Take care!
-Elder Schulte

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