Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Heading to Bangkok for Moves 11/11/09

Hey family!
We are in Ubon today, Elder Jenkins is moving from Yasothon, so we packed up all his stuff, got on the back of a truck and hauled it all down to Ubon because we are going to get on a train tonight, you know the drill!
Its been a really great time with Elder Jenkins in Yaso, and a lot of changes are happening in the mission. No special calls for me on Tuesday, just that E. Jenkins was leaving, so I will be back on Friday (in Yaso) with a new companion. The members are all anxious to see who it is! A big group is leaving (heading back to the states) this moves, along with some people leaving early from the next group. I enjoyed the article you sent about the Thai group that came in. I know one of those sisters from Ubon, its really cool to see members you know become missionaries! When I was in Bangna, there was a Thai sister in my district, and when I came to Ubon, she had just finished her mission and moved home to Ubon! Small world huh!
Well anyway, this Thai group is really awesome.

We have a few hours before we get on the train, so I am going to write some letters, and answer those questions! Riding on the truck coming here today was really cool. This region looks amazing during this season. Farmers are out gathering up rice, especially for the next 2 months or so, and someone we know who works at the food market next to the city hall asked us last night if we wanted to go try gathering rice sometime. I've wanted to do that for a while, so when I come back with my new companion, we’re gonna go do that. When I was in Ubon with Elder Volk, we got to go transplant rice crops, which means you take the grown rice plant and transfer them to another area of the field. Way fun! Rice is a big deal here, a ton of people I've talked to lately have been like “yeah, Im going to work out in the fields, it’s the big harvest of the year!”
Have you guys ever read “Articles of Faith” by James E. Talmage? Great book!

Well. I’ll go ahead and try to answer some of your questions. Yeah, we ride bikes pretty much everywhere; to members houses, our area covers the city and basically this entire jungwat, but we are not able to go super far, so we work mostly in the city and in the surounding area outside of the city.
We ride on the left side of the road. That’s how driving works in Thailand, and people drive cars that have the steering wheel on the right side. The city is kinda small, there is some modern stuff. You can hear the sounds of loud cars and motorcycles (people really like to soup up the vehicles here). Its sometimes smelly in the city, outside of the city is kinda quiet, especially out at the cemetery, and the Branch President's farm. Hey, a ton of Thai students came in. This pace is getting really busy, so I'm gonna have to go here pretty soon, so I will print out the email ,and answer the rest of these questions in a letter. Love you all!
Take care guys!
-Elder Schulte

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