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11/18/09 It's Getting Cold?!

Hey Family,

We are back in Yasothon, after the moves meeting last week. We went to Ubon on
Wednesday, and got on a train later that night, and woke up as we pulled into
Bangkok, the moves meeting was great, Elder Jenkins moved to the most northern
part of Thailand, Chaing-Rai, and my new companion is Elder Daniel McConkie, the
grandson of Elder Bruce R. McConkie of the Quorum of the 12(no, seriously).
We've hit it off pretty well. He's a really hard worker, in his 3rd move, and
these last 5 days have been some of the best I've had so far in my mission.

I'm actually going to be sending you a written letter and a voice
recording to explain why. So expect that pretty soon, as well as some Christmas
gifts for each of you. But, wow, its been amazing, these last few days we have
really worked hard, and the Spirit has been leading us so much throughout the
days. We have gotten a lot of stuff done lately and it feels really good. Its
been neat to work with the Branch President. We are really trying to keep up the
trust relationship, by doing everything he asks and getting things done on time,
and that's been really good.

There is a conference this weekend in Ubon. We are leaving for Ubon Friday night, and the mission zone conference will be Saturday morning, and then the district conference for members will be held Sunday morning. We have a window of opportunity to come back to Yasothon and work after zone conference on Saturday evening, and then just get a ride on the big truck that members use to ride up to Ubon from Yaso on Sunday morning

Ive been really excited to get outside and work these last few days, we have 2 new investigators since last week. We've seen a lot of priesthood holders that are less active, who we are trying to bring back into activity. Oh man, this just keeps going, and these past 2 days we've had some really incredible experiences. (Seriously, stay tuned for that recording. I'd rather tell this than write it).

These last few days have been a really awesome opportunity to really step up as
senior missionary, Its been great to help E. McConkie with language, how to do
general missionary stuff,and get around. I was worried for a while, that when I
would get to this point in the mission, would I know how to do this stuff and be
able to explain things, but now I'm not worried at all. I know how to get around,
and its been cool as I've been showing E.McConkie the ropes of the area, I
realized, I do know how to do this stuff! Well this is great, E. McConkie is a
blast! Man, this is the best mission in the world, and these Thai people are

Hey its getting cold! I'm serious! When we got done with work last night, we went
to eat at a foodrawn outside the house, and it was cold. Elder McConkie wasnt cold,
because he hasn't been in the country very long, but it was really windy last night,
and these Thai people were all bundled up in winter jackets...and I was wishing
I had one at that moment!!! But, we got inside and were okay after that.

Thailand is a fun country. The train ride back was nice, we awoke a little
while before pulling in to the Warin train station to a woman walking down the
aisle selling chicken and sticky rice for breakfast. So delicious!
Thai people ask a lot of weird questions, remind me to tell you after the
mission, this isn't a good time...

Well, time to go. Thanks for all your support and letters. Keep them coming!
-Elder Schulte

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