Monday, January 11, 2010

12/28/09 SawadeeKap! and Happy New Year

Hey guys!

I really enjoyed our Christmas phone call. There are alot of things that are easier to explain over the phone as compared to writing in email.

I'm a district leader again. It's interesting. I've been in 2 main areas for
my whole mission, but hey, that could change now that I've said that. Thonburi
has changed alot just during my mission time. When I first got to Thailand, it had 2elders 2 sisters, then 2 elders, then four elders, and now back to 2. And Yeah, I'm senior companion again. Basically, once you are Pii (senior companion), you don't become nong (jr. companion) again.

I checked the scale 2 nights ago, and I am at 150 pounds, and that got me excited, so I am gonna really keep that up. (Gaining weight that is!) By the way,
thank you so much for the packages, and the enormous amount of American food, I'm
so happy! I got peanut butter! I eat alot of peanut butter and jelly
sandwiches, and big egg sandwiches in the morning, and yeah, i will eat more
bananas. There are plenty around here! :O)

This week has been good as far as teaching, but not so good on paper, so we have
plans for this week to seek more referrals from people, mainly members ,and also
its good to ask street contacts if they know anybody who would be interested.
We are also going to work on shorter invites. President Smith has talked about
getting shorter invites, so you dont talk to a guy on the street for ten minutes
nad then finally get to talking about religion, and find out that he is not
interested in learning. Get the message out quicker.

We felt really good about our lesson on Thursday night with SuuTad, He is a man that we met 2 days before, and he is really great. We are going to see him again tommorrow. I really enjoy first lessons, that's something that I've really tried to get better at, is telling the Joseph Smith story. That is our unique message to the world, no other church has that, or claims anything like that. And its great to help people understand this story and gain a testimony of it.

Language study has been kicked up a notch. My understanding is really good,
but I don't feel like my speaking is as good as I'd like. So, Ive taken some advice from Elder Wiser a while back ,and on top of learning new words, write down how they
are used in sentences. I've been trying that alot, along with words I already
know, but am not sure how they can be used in a sentence. I have a little
notebook that I carry around, and when I hear new words and sentences, I write
them down, and if its a new word, I ask "could you explain that?" My note book
is full of stuff (words, sentences, Eesan phrases...)that I've been wanting to
know how to use. Elder Parkinson and I have had some really great language
studies. Oh, and Ive been wanting to tell the story about the Slovenian prince
who got blown off the castle toilet by the Austro-Hungarians, could you run that story by me in the next email? (tale from Predjama Castle, Slovenija)

Tonight will be a lot of fun. Remember how I was telling you about how the Thonburi
elders have been going to visit some members of the royal family for the last
several years? Well, tonight we are going to visit a son of a great, great
Grand-Daughter of Rama the 4th, and we are going to play Blokus, and possibly
Uno with him tonight. So, thanks for the Blokus game you guys sent last year, its
gonna come in handy tonight!

Thanks so much for everything. take care! Happy New Year!

-Elder Schulte

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