Monday, January 11, 2010

12/8-09 District Pres. Visit

Hey guys!

This week has been a stellar week, wow! We had some really sweet lessons, and
some daters! (This means some investigators have set dates to be baptized) Teaching partial families has been going great. We are teaching the father of a
less active member, PawGaow. We had an awesome lesson about the Book of Mormon last
night, and I've never had an investigator with a notepad out asking "hey yeah
maybe you guys could give me some homework to do, you know like reading? you
guys should come over more often! " Oh yeah! And last week we set a baptismal
goal with him for January 24th, and last night we talked some more about that
and he was like "hold on just a sec, let me write that down, 24th right?"
Anyway the Book of Mormon lesson went really well, he really liked how when you
read, and when you really study it "the spirit really carries it to your heart!"
He is gold, and Elder McConkie and I really hope this will help bring Yoke back as well.

Sister Nam is the Bomb right now. She has really done an incredible job in
helping us coordinate going to see Nat's family, and 2 nights ago, we went to see
his family, as well as another family in the same neighborhood that she knows, so
we had some double team action the other night, E. McConkie split off with
another priesthood holder to go see that family, and I went with Brother Nat to
teach his Uncle and Mom, and we now have 2 new daters, Uncle Ung and Mae On. It
was an interesting experience, because Nat told me before hand that they don't
understand Thai very well, only Isan(the Thai/lao dialect). So I just spoke to
them in Thai, and Nat translated things that they didn't understand into Isan.
The Uncle understood pretty well, and Nat and I taught about baptism, and they
both accepted a commitment for January 31st.

The District presidency paid a special visit to Yasothon this past Sunday. The Presidency is made up of men from Sisagate and Ubon. These guys are absolutely amazing! I can tell they really , really understand how to run a district. Well, I was a little embarrassed, because the meeting started, and there were more men from Sisagate and Ubon in our meeting than there were men from our own branch. 3 priesthood holders from Yasothon came in the morning, none of them dressed in Sunday clothing, and after sacrament meeting, all ran home or went to work. The District president leaned over to me at some point during the meeting and asked me, " were is everyone?" The meeting after church with the Presidency was interesting. They talked to President Tawan about this issue. They want to see more activity here, like fire sides, and priesthood holders doing their assignments. They are also going to have some talks with the councilors, and clerk about fulfilling their callings.

Well, This has been an incredible week. The district presidency really wants to
help Yasothon get back on track. This week we are in now is the last week of
the move. This has been a 5 week transfer, President Smith is in Burma/Myanmar
this week, there are a couple branches there that he has responsibility for, so
he is going to check on their progress. The ball is really starting to roll
here. Elder Jenkins called from Srinakarin in Bangkok this morning. his
companion, Elder Harmon in Chiang Rai is going home next week, so he was there
also with Elder Palmer, who is going home next week as well. They called and
I was so excited to tell E. Jenkins about all the stuff that is happening here.
I remember the last 2 moves going to Bangkok, and previous Yasothon missionaries
asking "so, how's Yasothon going? Whats new there?" and I really wouldn't have a
lot of good highlights, cause members were having problems, Priesthoog holders
weren't coming, we didn't have a lot of progressing investigators, but now it
doesn't have to be like that anymore. I can tell these guys that we have a sweet
teaching pool, new investigators, guys with dates, the district is gonna be
stepping in to help strengthen the leadership in the branch, members more than
ever are helping find and teach, and especially teach part member families. Oh
my Gosh! I dont wanna leave here!!! I need another move here. Pray that that
Weve had some really awesome studies lately, about effective study, teaching,
Elder McConkie's Thai is getting really good, My understanding has gone way up!

We've met some interesting people lately. Elder McConkie and I invited a guy who
was out selling water purifier equipment. He told us he has died three times
and come back to life three times. How he came back to life, we are not sure
how, but he told us that the first time he had been shot, the second time was in
a car wreck(he had this crazy scar up the side of his face), and the third time
was a natural death. he told us that one of those times, he went to hell, and
the devil asked him, "What are you doing here?!" and he sent him back. Woah!

Well i am really excited to talk to you guys in 2 weeks
God Speed!!!

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