Monday, January 11, 2010

12/15/09 Moving- Not Sure Where!

Hey guys!

First off, Happy Birthday Michael!!!!!!!! 18! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!
Elder McConkie and I are in Warin right now, We found out last night that I was
moving, and last night we had our showcase English class. So yeah, I am moving.
No idea where I'm going, but this has been a great 8 months on the Eesan, lots
of fun, great companions, great 2 areas, great friends. Man, this is the end of an
era, seriously! We are getting on a train in Warin tonight.

This last week has been great, but on Thursday, I was a little sick, and got better on Saturday thankfully. Thursday was not fun at all, but I got over it. Yasothon is going great! There is a lot of progress with investigators and members, WOW! Peng is not ready yet for baptism. I think its gonna be a while, for a lot of reasons, she wants to do it, but they are still having a hard time selling (they own a store) lately, so they don't come to church, so its not so hot with them right now. Keep praying for them that things will get better.

Missionaries didn't have to help pass the Sacrament last Sunday. There were enough priesthood holders to do it. Yes! So concerning the clerk, things are good with him. Actually what happened with him was the branch president sat down with him some time last week, and basically said, "look man, I need your help, this place can't run off one active priesthood holder and 2 elders" and this past Sunday he came to church, passed the sacrament, participated in sunday school, taught the priesthood class and it was a great lesson! But he didnt quite complete, 'cause he left before he could help with tithing, but that's okay for now, he's really close, I think this past Sunday was a good step.

Things are great! We have solid, solid investigators, PawGaow, Nong, Nats
family, Peng, a man named Yongyuut, which I will tell you about later, that was
a cool experience. We have let go of alot of people who weren't progressing,
found a lot of new guys, have got members involved. We talked to Branch
president about organizing a priesthood sports activity, and he's really excited
about that. Wow! great times!

There have been some great finding experiences
this move. Oh, and one of the families we are teaching, their son who is a
member, is preparing with us to go on a mission. Wow. Elder McConkie has been
a great companion, its been a pleasure working with him, This has been a great
experience, I really feel like this was my first real time being a Pee (senior missionary). I also learned alot from him as well, about how to be more effective as a missionary. This has been my favorite move so far. I am understanding Thai
really well these last several weeks, and I reallly want to complement it with
being able to speak better and teach better this coming move. There are a lot
of things I am really going to hammer out this next move to be even more
Um, Dad your email this week was hilarious "you'll shoot your eye out..." and also the story about Larry, and also you line about "Goverenor Daniels, Congressman
Donnelly, and my buddy the mayor will all be in attendance as they unveil
the plan for the the new business we just won. " Way funny!

Hey! Elder MConkie and I went caroling this week, I will tell you about that
later. Time is running out, but I will write you from my new area! Merry
Christmas guys!!! love you all!

-Elder Schulte

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