Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hey family

Thanks for your letter this week. I got some great letters from members and I
really appreciate the package from the Hines's. Thanks so much! I love party mix
so much!!!!

Guess what? I've started to gain weight! Actually, a significant amount over the
last two weeks! Ive been trying to do this for a year, and its starting to
happen. :O)

I don't have my moves calender in front of me, but from doing some math, I think
the next moves meeting will be February 4th. I'm pretty sure that's when it will

We had zone conference last week, and afterwards I approached President
Smith and talked to him about leaving in September. I will follow up on this
with him in 2 weeks when we have interviews. But my group will go home Sept
4th, and the group before that will be leaving July 20th. I've talked to Elder
Young about this recently. He said that pretty much everybody in our group is
planning on leaving for schooling purposes on July 20th. He was wondering if I was going to stay until September or go home in July. So in the email today you said that both IUK and Purdue start 3rd week of Aug? It looks like its gonna be a July 20th release for me then, maybe. When does BYU-Idaho start? You know I've been really contemplating BYU-Idaho for a number of reasons. And I've been still really thinking about the ECET program. Oh I sent Stephanie Williams a letter asking about her program at Purdue. Thanks for that address.

Ouch Paige! Whoops,sorry about your bruised foot. I hope you feel better. Hey I put 2 tapes in the mail a few days ago, talking about things in Yasothon and Thonburi. I hope you enjoy them. I hope you can hear them. The machine was recording a weird clicking noise into the tape, but I think it will be okay. Have a great day guys!
Sorry, I will write more next week!
Love you,
-Elder Schulte

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