Monday, January 11, 2010

12/23/09 Back in Bangkok! Toneburee

Hey family!

I'm in my new area now. Back in Bangkok. After 8 months in the Eesan, its back
to the big city! I am serving in a district of Bangkok called Toneburee. This
is one of the biggest parts of the city, not like Bangna at all. Its loud!
There are cars everywhere, a ton of people everywhere, skyscrapers, people from
all over the world. To be honest, I think the only thing in this city that feels
Thai is the people. But, I feel really good about working here for some reason.

I think Elder Parkinson and I will see alot of sweet things happen here. We sat
down the other day and did our missioanry action plan and have decided we are really gonna make some magic happen. Elder Young is my zone leader, and this past week has been his first experience in Bangkok, because he has been in the Eesan region his
entire mission, so i feel for him. It's really different from the peacefulness of
Ubon, Udon, and other parts of the east.

This past week has been an experience. It is a lot more difficult to work here, street contacting is not the greatest thing here, so Elder Parkinson and I still do it, but we are focusing alot on working through members in the ward here. We want to try and find some partial member families to work with.

Elder Parkinson is from Huntsville, Utah, and this is his 4th move in the country. He came from Ubon, so we've had some great stories to share with each other about various members and fun stuff there. He injured his ankle a few weeks ago, so he had a cast and crutches for the first few days here, but we went to the hospital the other day and got it off, so now we can get around alot easier. Elder Parkinson is really cool, great to work with, so this will be a great moves.

Work is a little harder, as far as, we feel like we get stuff done, but it
doesnt show it on paper at the end of the day. So I've come into an area with an
awesome ward. The Bishop is just blowing my mind right now, the way he works and
teaches on Sunday. The leadership in the ward is really great. The ward just put
on a really awesome Christmas program the other night. It was so much fun! They had
games, activities, prizes, and had a ton of people come.

This area has no solid investigators right now. There are 2 people with a baptismal date, but one of them will not make it, and the other has a date for next April because of complications. So,our pool is empty right now. I don't know, we're just gonna have to figure out the best way to work in this city. Another thing, we can't use bikes in the city. There is nowhere to ride them. So, my bike is back in the storage in the apartment.

I've had some great studies lately. I've been studying in the Book of Mormon every
morning, and reading alot from the words of Alma and Amulek (Alma31-34) way
sweet chapters. It's alot easier to study the scriptures if you break each
verse or section of verses down. Instead of just reading the whole chapter
straight through. Elder Parkinson and I have had several great teaching experiences lately, and the lessons go great when you really teach using the scriptures. Man I cant wait to talk to you guys on the 24th! Thanks guys!

-Love Elder Schulte

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