Monday, April 19, 2010


Hey Family,

Songkran was way fun. we were all ready to go when we did email last week. As soon as I sent off my letter to you guys, we were both out the door of the cade running down the street, stealing water from various peoples barrels along the road, and drenching everyone, as wel as getting drenched ourselves! The Songkran hotspot was on the other side of the river, but that would have been kinda far away, so we stayed in our neck of the woods, and went up and down Jaran 35 for four hours having a blast getting drenched and drenching. We both had big buckets that we carried around, ah man, it was way sweet! It was Elder Coopers first time for Songkran and he had lots of fun.

This past week, with all the red shirt stuff, and Songkran, we still managed to get stuff done. Really, things are looking up. We now have seven investigators. Bog is still working toward baptism, but we will have to change the date. We still have a lot to teach him, and we didn't see him last week, because he went to Nongkhai up north for a week. And, a guy that Elder Parkinson and I started teaching in January, but haven't seen since then, showed up last week, and he wants to try again. His name is Bird, and we will see him tonight, because Dan and his family are out of town(We miss Dan!) That has been way sweet too. I'll have to tell you more about him later.

We had another switchoff this weekend, Elder Young and I went around Thonburi. That was really fun. He's really rockin this missionary work, its so great!

Well, that's way sweet that Mike got his Duty to God stuff finished, and also the conference this past weekend, I'm really going to miss President Tinscher. He's a really funny man. He always asked, "where are you going when you are 19..."

Well, hey I absolutely have to get a hair cut to day, and the timer on this computer is running out. I will be sending all the siblings letters soon.

Hey you know what tomorrow is?

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!!!

-Elder Schulte

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