Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey Guys!

Sorry, I'm writing kinda fast. Great week! We now have 3 guys with dates for June and July. I am way excited for these guys! Bog is coming along really well, and two others that we have been teaching for the last three weeks, are now preparing to enter the water. Sompong and Bird. These lessons were really great! I will tell you about them in my next written letter, coming soon. I can't tell you how excited I am for these 3 fine gentlemen. Way smart, hard workers. Please pray for them, that they may be able to overcome challenges, and be able to continue to work towards baptism. Sounds like you guys had a really crazy, great week. Yeah, Sompong told us about the volcano in Iceland, that's crazy!

To answer your question, Mom... For the birthday package you're sending, can you just put a bunch of snacks and stuff in it? Combos are really good, are you guys able to get macadamia nuts? Chex Mix, Gardettos, I have a lot of mac and cheese already,

Hey, so it was about 11:30 last night, and I was laying in bed, when there was a really freakin loud explosion not too far from our apartment, and then about 20 minutes later a big fleet of ambulances and police cars go flying by, holy cow. So this morning we were going out the door, and I asked one of the guards what happened. There was a little red shirt battle not far from the apartment, and someone fired an M-79 Rifle/ grenade launcher, wow, way loud. I guess that's not the first. This past week has been chaos in a lot of places. It was Wednesday when over in the See-Lome district, there was a big clash. The red shirts against the police, army, and as one person we talked to put it, "every other color in Bangkok!" I don't know, our side of the river seems to be really blessed, and I know it will stay that way. Anyway, no need to worry, we don't ever go over to see Lome, its in the other area, and it doesn't seem like during the daytime there is any action. I talked to the Zone leaders about this. Things will be alright. Anyway, I am actually running out of time. I may be moving this week. I'm not sure. Tommorrow we'll find out.

Love you guys,
Elder Schulte

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