Saturday, May 8, 2010

Moved! 5/3/10

Hey Guys,

I moved to "Roy-et". It's a jangwat back in the ee-san. It is next to Maha-sarakam and Kongaen, not too far from Yasothon where I served before. My New companion is Elder Martin. I am the district leader, and there are sisters in this district, Sisters Meyers and AmnuayChoge. Roy-et is a nice town. Alot smaller, quieter than my last area, and a really great branch(congregation). They had about 20 people go to the temple this weekend! That's awesome!

Moves meeting was great. I did meet Elder Larsen. (This is a grandson of a friend in our Kokomo Ward) He has a Thai companion for a trainer. It will be fun! His companion doesn't speak a lick of English, and Elder Larsen has only been in the country for about 5 days, so that will be interesting. He's a cool guy, we talked about his grandma. He's from out in Utah, and has been to Indiana, and has been to our ward a couple times. Anyway, I met Elder Martin (my new companion) for the first time when I got to Roy-et. His trainer finished his mission this week, and I am Elder Martins second companion. I was with Elder Jenkins's (my old companion) new companion for the rest of the moves day before we got on the train, and then we just went to Maha Sarakam first to switch companions. So Elder Brix and I just hung out with Elder Larsen and his new companion for a little while. It is kind of a funny companionship actually, His companion would say something in Thai to him, and he was like "uh, yeah!(what did he say guys?)"

So there is a lot to do here. I don't really get much of a preparation day as I have a lot of stuff to do today, and I'm still trying to unpack. Hey, we have a really nice house! I will send you pictures of this area very soon.

Love you all, Elder schulte

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister, PAIGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ying Mu said...

HI William,

I was trying to do a search on how to get to jangwat from bkk but cant find anything, and i come across your blog that you have been there for sometime.

would you be able to help me on this.