Monday, May 17, 2010

More Red Shirt Activity 5/17/10

Hey Guys,
About the Red Shirt activities... there are warnings for a lot of places outside of Bangkok...including Roiet where we are serving. We have to avoid a lot of public places, like government buildings here in town, and banks. We will be on alert. Just pray for us today.

Anyway,this past week was great. I was really glad to talk to you, for the last time here in Thailand, Wow! So you asked if members feed us. Yeah, actually the landlord and his wife are both members, and they feed us on Sunday nights, we actually live right next door to them . They are really nice ,and she makes great food. Everyone is officially back from the temple. There were about 30 people that went over these past two weeks, and that's way sweet. I'm really impressed with this branch. There were a lot of people at church this past weekend. Oh,and some investigators came. In fact, its really cool, there is a guy that we are teaching right now, and he came to church. This guy is awesome. He lived in Austria several years ago, on a foreign exchange program, and man he's been everywhere that we've been. He lived in Vienna, has been to Burgenland, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. Man, I just couldn't get enough of this. It was really awesome. He had a really good experience at church, and we are going to see him again and teach tonight. He is progressing a lot even though we've only taught him about 3 times, and all in this past week. His name is Nung.
Another guy that we are teaching is A, and he couldn't make it to church this weekend because he was stuck in Kongaen. He felt really bad because he couldn't get back in time, but I am also really impressed with him. We watched the Restoration DVD with him, and when we got done, I asked him" so do you have any questions about this?" and he sat for a minute, and said "Joseph Smith is pretty important, isn't he?" Yes sir.
I'm running out of time. Thanks for keeping me updated. I am still getting the "weekly Cape Cod" I have really enjoyed that. Grandma Linda is good at describing beautiful Cape Cod weather and scenery. Tell her I said that!
We will stay safe and be on the alert.
love- Elder Schulte

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