Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bang-na Rocks! 1/14/09

Hey everyone!

Things are great here, just the usual. Bang-na is starting to repopulate after New Years, and things are starting to pick back up as far as finding people to teach, we have several new investigators now, and Nooii, one of our investigators has been coming to church so that's been cool. We have done a ton of inviting, and have taught many lessons over the last several weeks. This mission is a lot of fun!!! Studying is going well. I have been learning alot of new words. I use Preach my Gospel to learn new words, as well as the Thai Book of Mormon.

So there was some fun stuff going on the last few days. Yesterday we went to find a guy that we invited a few days ago. We went to a road that had a guard on duty, and we waited there for a few minutes waiting for "Egarad", when the guard came over and said that he wanted to try riding my bike, and Elder Jones is like "its okay just let him try it", so I did, and all of a sudden the guard takes off with my bike down the road! and we're like "where is he going?!" and the bikerider sitting nearby says "oh, he's just going to get some drinks" and he comes back 10 minutes later with sodas for Jones and I.

Well, one of the trees at the church has a nest of huge red ants, and we sprayed the nest with a hose yesterday, and the ants got mad and attacked us, but we sprayed them out of the tree, and we came back today to spray them again because they came back. These things hurt if you get bit by them. On Monday, the zone leaders announced a zone luncheon for P-day, but Elder Jones didn't want to go today, because we've had several zone activites this move already, so today, Elder Jones and I went fishing! We went to a small lake out by Teporak road, and I made the only catch of the day, a small fish that looked like a bluegill.

Well we have had a lot of fun, this is our last week before moves meeting, and Elder Jones might be going to a new area, which means I will probably be here for one or 2 more moves, but I will have several new responsibilities, with showing my new companion around and helping him get to know the area. Bang-na rocks. I'm making a new picture CD. I've got a ton of new pictures from the last several weeks and I will mail those very soon. I have pictures of fishing, switchoffs in Bangkok, the Christmas party on the Chao Phraya river, and other pictures. Godspeed!!!-Elder Schulte

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