Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Getting Ready for a New Companion 1/20/09

Hey guys!!!Got your email this morning, the house looks awesome, thanks for all the pictures! Sounds like things are going great in the US with Barack Obama being sworn in, I'm kinda sad to see President Bush go. The Thai people like Obama alot and think America is awesome. I sent the picture disc a few days ago, so it will come soon, along with a 3 page explanation of the pictures. Well things are alright here, we got a call monday morning from the ZL's saying that a Elder Jenkins, a missionary who went home 6 weeks ago, was killed in an avalanche while snowmobiling in Idaho, so all the missionaries in Thailand are writing the family. Its a really hard thing, and I really feel for that family, so keep them in your prayers. We have moves meeting tomorrow in Pakkret, and Elder Jones and Sister Sucharit are leaving, so I've been cleaning the house while Elder Jones has been packing. Yesterday, we went to Bangkok to get our visas renewed, which took awhile, but we got back and went to various appointments, and we went to see some of the families which will probably be the last time for Elder Jones to see these guys for a while. we went to Ohm's house and talked with them for a little while, I really like that family, and before we left we got some funny pictures with them, which will be on the next disc! We went and taught Wiroon, he is so close, still hasn't come to church yet but very soon. And finally Sister Pab, Brother Jack, and their daughter Pan, and they are doing fine. This is a family that Elder Jones and Elder Law baptized shortly before I got here. Everythings great! I am healthy. Its starting to get hotter again. Study is going well, I like the conference issues of the Ensign, I have a bunch of old ones in the house and I just tear through them every week, I highly encourage you guys to read those. Well, gotta go get a haircut, and ready for english classes. Thanks for everything, I'm excited for you guys to get that picture disc, there are some awesome pictures. Yeah, I know Elder Lindman, he went to Carroll high school in fort Wayne, but was born in Utah, and grew up in Rochester NY. He's awesome, he is Elder Evans companion(from my MTC group).Thanks so much for sending the socks, I will keep an eye out for them, I have the meeting tomorrow, so we'll see what happens, maybe I will get a thai companion!

GodSpeed!!!Elder Schulte

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