Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy New Year! 1/7/09

Hey Everyone!

First of all thanks to everyone who sent letters, I got them all on Christmas day, and I enjoyed the newsletters as well. Christmas was a lot of fun! Oh, and I did get the letter from Sis. Fischer, and several members of the ward, thanks so much guys!

So 2 days ago the zone leaders came to Bang-na to spent the night, and the next day we did a switchoff, where Elder Jones went with E. Sorensen and I went with E. Hansen, and we went around Bang-na. Right before we left, E. Hansen said "Elder Schulte, get ready to see miracles." And I saw a lot yesterday.

First we met with a less active man named Ude, who was baptized 2 years ago , but hasn't been to church in forever. We taught him about our life on earth, as well as the atonement, and it went really well, we are going to try and get him to come again. Later we went to visit a man that I invited 2 days ago, and we introduced him to the Book of Mormon and taught him about praying, and we committed him to read, and we have another appointment with him later this week. Later Elder Hansen and I went to see Wiroon with another member, and we taught him about God and Families, and he is progressing alot, we are still trying to get him to church though, but I think he is really close. After that, we went all the way to Bearing 40/2, and met with O, a guy that Elder Jones invited a few days ago, and the member, Wirapong , came along too. Instead of only introducing him to the Book of Mormon, we taught him the entire first lesson, and then committed him to reading and praying, and we have a return appointment this week with him. We returned back to the church a little while later and then switched companions back. Last night we got back to the house, planned, and I crashed cause i was so tired, we went everywhere yesterday. And I did see miracles.

Things are starting to pick up a little bit. Most of Bang-na left to go north for the New Year's celebration, but the whole town is back now, and we are starting to find more people to teach. The spirit is with us where ever we go, and I am thankful for the Lord, in helping us find people who are prepared to hear the gospel.

Well, this morning, the entire zone came to Bang-na, and we rented a field to go play sports at. We played soccer, frisbee, and American football for a while and then ate pizza, it was a blast. Right after that we came here to do email. Things are great with me, I am staying healthy, some of the zone members got sick from eating Subway a few days ago, but they are better now. Its Jan 7, and it is 75-80 degress here.

Bangkok is really big, way bigger than New York or L.A. and I think there is about 10 million people. Bang-na district has about 150,000 people. But I love it here so much, the people are great and the food is so good. So it sounds like things are great at home. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Sounds like things are alright in Kokomo too. Once again thanks so much for all the letters and support you guys have given. I'm gonna be sending a bunch of return letters out, so keep an eye out for them guys! Oh, I will be putting more pictures up so mom will put them on the blog!Godspeed!!!-Elder William Christopher Schulte

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