Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cowboys and Valentine's- hmmm? Feb 18, 2009

So i was just kidding about going squid fishing, but we did go regular fishing again today with brother Yodying out at Thanon Theparak, and Elder Frischknecht made the catch of the day, it was huge! Things are fine, its getting hotter and hotter. Wiroon will have his baptismal interview on Friday, so that's cool. I won't be around that day because I will be in Asoge on a switchoff with the new zone leader. He will be baptized on March 1st instead. Yeah! Well, this move is flying by so fast, I might be moving to another area at the end of this 6 week period, or staying for another 6 weeks, to see Nooii get baptized on the 29th of March! Yeah! So last saturday we had a Valentine's/cowboy themed party, and it was kinda weird, but alright. I got a guitar last week,
cause they wanted me to play cowboy songs at the party so I went and found a nice acoustic guitar, case and extra strings all for about 70 bucks! Sweet! Well, we are teaching a new family now, and they are great, we have already taught them twice, and it is a dad, mom and daughter. We went and met with A and O's family last night, had dinner with them, and taught about faith in Jesus Christ. We met with Meedta earlier and he is doing fine, he had some more questions about the plan of salvation. He is the one that has been really stressed about stuff and just sleeps alot. Yeah Elder Frischknecht is great, he's cool about everything, and is really fluent in Thai. We eat out alot and on Sunday nights make American food for dinner. I haven't really learned to make any dishes yet, 'cause we mostly eat at restaurants on the side of the roads. I do want to get some Thai recipes from the members, so I am going to do that this week. Thanks for the pictures on kodak gallery, everybody looks great! I'm sending the picture disc this week along with a really long letter. Today Elder Frischknecht and I are going to take some fun panoramic pictures, remember those? I will make a video of me bearing my testimony as well. Cool! Thanks so much for all of your support and I will be writing alot of letters this week. I still haven't gotten your package yet, but the sisters are at the office in Pakkret today and said they will look for it.
Love you all
thanks so much!
-Elder Schulte

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