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Moving Soon? Feb. 24, 2009

Hey guys!
Sorry, its about 4:00 our time when Elder Frischknecht and I are doing email. We just got back from a park in the Mo-chit district of Bangkok, It was an epic battle of Bangkok West against Bangkok East (the 2 zones), not really, the 2 zones just got together at a park to play soccer frisbee and football for a few hours. There were about 50 missionaries there, and it was way fun! So I got the 2 packages, from you guys and from the Webb's. Thanks so much Grandma and Grandpa for the newspaper copy of the inauguration! It was really cool, and several other missionaries have been reading it as well. Thanks so much for the Valentine's stuff guys! Oh, and I got the Webb's letter this week with the pictures of Christmas Day at Uncle Chaz's house, that must have been a lot of fun! Yeah, I have pictures of the Valentine's activity, it was kind of a weird party, "Valentine's Day -Thai style". So with the guitar I just played "Old McDonald", and the sisters sang the words. This is a sweet guitar, I've played it a little, there's not a lot of time to sit down and play it often, but occasionally before I go to bed. So the switchoff was awesome, the Zone leader Elder Sorensen came to Bang-na about 8:00 on Thursday night, and I went to Asoge (a bigger district of Bangkok) with Elder Bean. Asoge rocks! It's pretty much downtown Bangkok, so busy, so many cars, but the stake center is there and we have alot of meetings there. So I spent the night in Asoge, and the next day, Friday, we went to various appointments. Asoge is not easy to get around, and the missionaries don't ride bikes there, they have to take alot of cabs, and they ride the skytrain alot too. I wish I could get a picture of the sky train here in Bangkok, but its mission rules we can't take pictures of train stations, airports, and government buildings. There is a giant sky train that runs from one end of Bangkok all the way to the other side. There are four docks that are still under constructions, one of them is in Bang-na, but we use the train frequently to get to far places in the city. Bangkok is so freakin big!!!!! Well anyway back to the switchoff, We went all over Asoge to various appointments, and I was really tired at the end of the day. I got back to Bang-na about 8:00. That night at the church in Bang-na, the ward was having an activity, and several members demonstrated forms of martial arts and self defense. Brother Wirapong demonstrated Muay Thai, Brother Dom and Sister Doy showed how to sword fight, Elder Frischknecht showed wrestling, and Sister Scalf (siser missionary) demonstrated taekwondo, but I wasn't there because of the switchoff, but it worked out because of the scheduled switchoff, Elder Sorensen was able to be there and interview Wiroon! Well, they had the interview and it went great, but Elder Sorensen says that Wiroon needs to get a confirmation that the church is true. Wiroon knows it is, but has not really received a confirmation through prayer. So when we met with Wiroon on Tuesday night, he told us that he is going to pray and pray, and if he hasn't gotten one when he is done, he is going to sit and wait. So we will see what happens. He has a lot of faith, and I hope he is able to receive an answer. This week is flying by fast, I won't find out until next Tuesday if I am moving or not. and even then, I won't know where I am moving. We haven't seen the new family yet this week but will soon. The fathers name is Piirom, the mothers name is Daa, and the daughters name is Min, they are really nice and came to the Valentine's activity last week. We met with Suuttiid, a security guard at a local factory, but he hasn't been keeping his commitments, so if it keeps going like that, we might not be able to teach him anymore. There's also Tongruum, an older gentleman that we have met with twice already, and they were both been really powerful lessons in which he was really taking it in. Keep our investigators in your prayers! Well, I might move, but I really hope that I have more time here. I really want to see Wiroon get baptized, and I really want to find more people to start teaching. I've met some amazing people here in Bang-na, and have had a good time here. I have learned alot, and have grown alot. And I have had many opportunities to share the gospel with many people. Elder Jones and Elder Frischknecht have been great to work with, and I will probably see them again in the mission. Wow! I think this is the longest of all the letters that I have written. Alot has happened and there is little time to write more. I know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves His children very much, and wants us to have happiness, and even in hard times, we have the ability to bow our heads and pray for strength to move forward. Thanks for all of your prayers and support and I appreciate everything you guys do. I've been trying to make time to sit down and make a written letter, which I will include with the next disc. I hope that I've been able to answer some questions today. Once again thanks for everything, and GodSpeed!!!! Elder William Christopher Schulte

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