Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Finding People to Teach and Eating Bugs! 3/24/09

So things are great here, the weather is nice, weve had some great opportunities to teach this week, it really seems like at the moment, investigators are coming to us through means of referrals, English class, and them approaching us, rather than our own personal finding efforts. We still go out each day and find potential investigators, but while Elder Frischknecht was on a switchoff in Asoge last Monday, a woman approached him, who happened to be from Bang-na. She wanted a pamphlet that he was handing out, and she started telling him about her family situation, how here son just had a surgery on his eye, and the doctors messed up, so he could possibly have permanent damage, and at the same time, her husband just lost his job, and she said she was really unsatisfied with Buddhism, because it just didn't have the answers and comfort that she needed, and is really interested in Christianity. So, we met with her last Saturday, and her husband, and we taught them the first lesson, and they really, really liked it, and want to meet again, so we have some new investigators, they are way nice.
Wiroon is doing great, he has now read the Book of Mormon 3 times, and is almost done with the Joseph Smith Teachings book. That is a great book by the way, I bought a copy of it in Pakkret a few weeks ago, and really enjoy it. The Baptism day was great! Elder Frischknecht baptized him, and he was confirmed the next week, because the baptism took place after church. So ,the Bishop, his councilors, Elder Frischknecht and I stood in the circle, while one of the councilors confirmed him. So as a new member, we have discussed the restoration, and last night we talked to him about the Plan of Salvation, and it is went really well, he asked him several questions throughout the lesson, and he was able to answer all of them. But what I think is really great, is his testimony of those things, he has really progressed alot, and now as a new member, he is great.
So on the disc I sent I have some pictures of the critters that we ate, I ate a fried frog(tasted like a potato chip), I ate a beetle, and some fried larva, which actually tasted all right. Then there was the fried grasshopper, which did not taste very good, so I do not recommend that. We bought those from a bug seller. There are lots of food peddlers around Bangkok, and some of them sell fried bugs, so if you ever come to Bangkok, be sure to try some! At the church, there is a big mango tree over by the parking lot and it has huge red ants on it, and I think I have already shared a picture of the red ant nest after I sprayed it out of the tree, but there are several more nests on it, so I ate one of the ants, and it was pretty good, they taste kinda sour, you just have to eat em really quick because they bite hard!
Well, Im gonna be writing some more letters today, and will keep an eye out for your package. I can't believe Logan Seidel (mom's note- Logan is a friend from our ward in Kokomo) is getting his mission call soon! Holy Cow, I really really can't wait to find out next week where he's going! So, where do you guys think he is going to go? Hmm, I think he is going to Switzerland or possibly Lithuania. Elder Frischknecht thinks he is either going to Texas or to Canada. So, I can't wait to see who is right. So that's all for now, thanks for all of your prayers and support!
Take care and GodSpeed!!!
-Elder Schulte

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