Thursday, March 19, 2009

7 Months Out! 3/18/09

Hey guys!
So this week was really great, the baptism on the 15th went really well for Wiroon, and we met with him on Tuesday night to teach him as a new member, as "Brother Wiroon" now, its so cool! Well, Meedta came to church for the first time since November and that was great. He is the one that Elder Jones and Elder Law baptized, and he has some mental problems because of an accident, but he came and stayed the whole time!
So, to answer some of the questions you asked... We have a kitchen out back, there is a sink and a decent sized camping stove with a propane tank. We have a microwave inside. We eat out a lot. There are really cheap, small thai food restaurants on the side roads, they are really good! We occasionally will go to the mall in town to get McD or KFC but not very often because that kind of food is not cheap here, so we get alot of Thai food, and I like it! There are 2 really Big Mall's in Bang-na, we go get cereal, milk, and stuff like that on Wednesday's. We find some American cereal there. I get my weekly box of corn flakes there.
So, there are lots of awesome Thai dishes that I really like, Pad Thay, PadPonggrarie, kawpadmuu, man so many! GangPaneng is really good, it is Pork in Red Curry sauce, They eat alot of rice here, but thats okay.
I really don't mind the heat here, in fact, I really like how the sun is always shining here, and I am drinking plenty of water. I actually haven't been to the mission home since I got to Thailand, because its over in Pakkret, still in Bangkok, so I haven't had a need to go there.
So, we had switchoffs this week, the zone leaders came to the Bang-na house Sunday night and spent the night here, and the next day, Elder Frischknecht went to Asoge with Elder Bean, and Elder Sorensen spent the day with me in Bang-na. It was way fun! This was Elder Sorensen's first area over a year ago, and he was doing alot of reminiscing.

Elder Frischknecht and I have 2 awesome new investigators, Dieyrad and Die, and they are both way good. With Dieyrad, he owns a barbershop on Sukhumvit Road, and also sells fried bugs for a living. He really likes learning about religion, and is very interested in the church. Die is a man that we invited a little while ago. We met him about an hour before a ward activity. We invited him to the activity as we were on our way to the church. When we got to the church, he was there and he had a great time, and we arranged to meet with him and teach him on another day. Last thurday, we went to try and find him on the street that we met him on, and we found him. The miracle was that, we barely caught him as he had just gotten to his shop, if we had gone any earlier, we would not have found him. We have already met and taught him twice ,and he is way good.
Well, it was a nice week, lots of good things happened. I hope things continue to go well back home. So, this week at the District Development Meeting, Elder Frischknecht talked about happiness, and alot of it reflected the things that were discussed at the most recent zone conference. Wherever we are, whatever our situation, it is good to look for the positive things around you. There are alot of awesome things to be happy about, and as we open our eyes to these things, it actually makes living a little easier. The Lord has given us many great things, and we can show our gratitude, by putting a smile on and show him that we are happy to be alive, and happy to be where we are, and happy doing what we are doing. I want to bear my testimony that I know these things are true, and that happiness and gratitude makes the world a better place, and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Thanks guys, take care!
Elder Schulte

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