Wednesday, September 2, 2009

8/12/09 Ready to Move Again!

Hey guys!

So we are going to Bangkok today, our district gets on the train about 6:30 tonight. So guess what, alot of changes. We are not going to Pakkret, but to a place in Bangkok called Bang-Kain, and that is where the moves meeting will be at. I am moving, after being in Warin since April, its time to move again, I'm really going to miss this place, its been great, it is a way nice part of the country. Well, I wont get to see any of these guys get baptized, but PawDome has a date for August 30, and Narain and Nongyaow came to church last week for the first time, and got to see the sister missionaries' investigator get baptized. Yes! I will miss them alot! Narain is a very funny man. They are progressing well, they are understanding really well, as well as Pawdome, he has been to church 4 times now. Man, I will miss this place. We have met a lot of awesome people lately, in our efforts to find more investigators. And that is going great. I really wish I was hanging around longer to see the progress of some of these guys.

Well, I don't know where I am going. Yesterday morning, when the calls were being made, Elder Volk got a call to be a trainer (they work with new missionaries), and then President Smith had him hand the phone over to me for a special calling. I will let you guys know next week how it goes, when I am in my new area. Stay tuned for next week.

It was raing alot here the last several weeks in particular, and when it hasn't been raining, the weather has just been kinda grey, but the sun is coming out today, so no problem.

Today is mothers day here in Thailand. Happy Mothers day mom!

Thanks for all your prayers and support. I am really going to try and kick it up a notch, I have alot of work to do for this next chapter in the mission.
-Elder Schulte

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