Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Work Continues 9/9/09

Hey Guys!
The investigators are solid! There are 2 brothers, Sude and Nung, that we
are teaching. They both own their own food stands next to each other on the
side of the road, and we have been teaching these guys for the last few weeks.
They are legit, especially, Sude! These guys are really ee-san. (What that means
is, "really eastern Thai", like talking about food, weather,
fishing, and its cool. Last night we were teaching, and Pii Nung was
saying, "Wait, I don't understand what this scripture means", and Pii Sude would be
like "cmon man, it means this and..." and Elder Jenkins and I were like
"yeah...sweet!". Especially after we read 1 Nephi 10:19 together, and Sude said, "wait, so if I really diligently search these scriptures, God will really
help me to understand what they mean, right?" and we said, "yeah!" So he's on
track and they both have committed to come to church on Sunday.
PiiPeng and PiiYuu are great, they came to church this past Sunday, and members
just flocked to them! I was sitting at the Piano bench and they came in after
the sacrament was done being passed. All of a sudden 2 members got up and
immediately went over and sat down by them and they had a blast, especially Pii
Yuu. We met with them on Tuesday, and that's something that Yuu really enjoyed,
how friendly the members are. Elder Jenkins and I were thinking about how
awesome the priesthood quorum would be here with the 2 brothers Sude and Nung,
and then Pii Yuu, and with several other male members here, that would be the
most ee-san priesthood quorum in the world! They would all be great fishing
buddies! Man, more than that, it will be really awesome to see Pii yuu's family as
a part of this church real soon.
Sorry I'm just kinda throwing random things in here now. Elder Jenkins, my companion,sleep
talks. The other night was really funny. He was singing! I couldn't sleep very well, so I just kinda stayed up and started talking to him. He started talking about juices you get from 7-11 like Deedo(an orange juice) so it went like this:
S:Elder Jenkins?
J:Y-Ya know you (snort) get it from 7-11(snort)
S:you like deedo?
J:I like deedo
S: Well, what about grape juice?
J:Yeah, I...Like it too..
(Then i just made something random up)
S: So what do you think about waffle juice?
J:We all know that that's(snort) absolutely ridiculous...

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