Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sisagate Birthday and tons of Ice Cream 9/15/09


Yesterday was a zone lesson/sports activity in sisagate. It was lots of fun. We
met up in Ubon the night before, and then went to sisagate the next day. Elder
Jenkins birthday is on the 18th, so we ate pizza and ice cream in Ubon Monday
night with the new Ubon district. Elder Jenkins ate 20 scoops of ice cream in
celebrating turning 20! Holy Cow! He was pretty sick after 15! Anyway, Elder
Volk is doing well. He and his trainee are doing great, but in their area, it has really narrowed down to about 3 investigators, since I was there,
which means that PawDome was dropped. He really wasn't getting it. And now they
are teaching and preparing to baptize Narain and Nongyao, and also Gung, the
science/math teacher. I hope that goes well.

So this week, up to today, things have been kinda occupied with going to
Sisagate. Yesterday was P-day (preparation day), and so today we are going to go work.

last week we met up with Pii Yuu at the place that he and his wife sell food, As
we were talking to him, out of nowhere, and after telling us a little while ago
that he really has a desire to be baptized, but is just not ready, he said, "Hey I think I want to do it, I think i want to
give baptism a shot!" So, right there we explained we want him to come to church
the next 3 Sundays, and that we can schedule a baptism for October 11th.
hesaid, "okay, I'll do it!" Wow! He told us that he wants to do it. PiiPeng is
not ready, but he feels he is. So when he is baptized, he can be a huge
influence on Peng in getting baptized.

So, continue to pray for this family. Nam Thip has a baptism coming up on the
27th. She is the wife of one of the members, and the Elders here have been
teaching her for a while. It's really cool. She'll be a great member of the church.

The 2 brothers, Nung and Sude, we haven't seen this week, and they didn't come to church last week, but we'll swing by today and see how they are doing. We played
basketball with them and some of their Thai and Filipino buddies last week and
that was fun! That's about all that's going on right now. Thanks for all of your
support! expect letters real soon!
-Elder Schulte

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