Monday, June 14, 2010

Finally, " Thai all the time" 6/14/10


Things are fine as usual. I'm in the same area. This is my last area, and I got a new companion, a Thai companion, finally! His name is Elde Chai-ah-wat, and he is from Nonthaburi, and has been in the mission for a little while. Its been great to work with him these last several days, I finally get a comp who I can speak nothing but Thai to, yeah! Anyway, these last several days have been interesting. I didn't get to go to moves, but that's okay, the zone leaders brought my new comp back here. The moves meeting was supposed to be on Friday, and we were supposed to go down to Bangkok early, early Friday morning. On Wednesday night the zone leaders called and said, "hey you need to get to Kongaen, to get on a bus ASAP!!!" Agh! Elder Martin hadn't packed yet because we thought it would be on Friday. President smith had moved the meeting to Thursday at the last minute. We raced home from the church, packed, had the Branch president take us in a truck over to Kongaen, and spent the night there. The next morning, the movers (the missionaries who were changing places) went down to Bangkok, and I spent a day in Galasin with Elder Evans until everyone got back. Everything worked out.
We had to let some people (investigators) go this week, and we will be letting those 2 boys with the weapons go for sure. Teaching has been really great these last few days. I have really enjoyed teaching with Elder Chai-ah-wat. He is a hard worker, and he's a really normal guy. He's really cool. He has been a member of the church for about 4 years and is the only member in his family. His mom is Thai and his dad is Chinese. He has been in the mission for about 9 months, He has a great understanding of the gospel. I have definitely learned a lot from him in these last 3 days, as far as language, and watching how he teaches. Sweet!
So hey, today we are going to go look for a Pin, it is a Thai musical instrument, that looks like a guitar, but is small and has three strings. It has a really awesome sound. We are going to go look for one today. That's really awesome that James is learning to drive, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES!!!! Holy cow, you are 16? Wow! Yeah, the Soccer championship in South Africa is a big deal here, but I'm not sure who is playing who. Thanks for filling me in on things. Hey, this a really awesome branch. I am really impressed with the Branch President, the councilors, and a lot of people here. There are a lot of awesome families. This is a very great branch to be in, and the members are very close, and really work together. The branch council is great, and are really good at getting home and visiting teaching done. Because of their efforts there were 106 people at church 2 weeks ago. This past Sunday attendance wasn't as high because some regulars were gone this week. People get stuff done here, and its great! Hey, I have to go, but thanks for everything. Man I wish you guys could come here and see this place! This country is really great, and the people are awesome! Take care guys!
-Elder Schulte

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