Monday, June 14, 2010

What the Heck?! 5/30/10

Hey guys,

Wow Mike, congratulations! Oh my gosh, you just graduated!
Hey as far as this past week, there was some fun stuff, We went to Kongaen and watched a special broadcast for missionaries. A member of the Seventy, Elder Hallstrom and his wife came to Thailand. They held a special conference which was broadcast out of Bangkok, and was broadcast all over the country and also other countries that are part of the Asia area. Afterward he held a Q and A session, and the Bangkok zones got to sit in on the session. Later that week we went back to Kongaen and had our zone conference. President Smith talked about the broadcast, and talked about how it was an absolute miracle that this conference, and several others took place. We only saw the one that Elder Hallstrom hosted, but there were several others that involved trainings for bishops and branch leaders across the country. This is the first time in the history of the church in Thailand that there have been four General Authorities in the country at the same time. One of the other ones was Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the 12, who gave training to the leaders. The miracle was that 2 weeks ago, the violence in Bangkok was really heated. The leaders were getting very worried that it would be bad enough that the authorities would not be able to come. President Smith said that the headquarters decide to go ahead and send them. The day that Elder Hallstrom arrived, there was peace and tranquility. The violence had stopped. "Because" as president Smith said, "this session had to happen, these messengers of God had to be here, and nothing would stop that from happening." Anyway, that was a really cool thing. Things weren't as bad as the news was portraying it, but it was still making President Smith and others worried.

As far as this week, its been interesting. Some of our investigators are starting to get kinda sketchy. The one from last week that lived in Austria, we're going to have to let go. Another two(on Sunday) showed up to sacrament meeting, were both way noisy, and then after sacrament they left and dissappeared for the second and third hours. Then, after church, we found them in a room just kinda "hangin out", and they had brought realistic looking airsoft guns and a military bullet proof vest(what the heck?!) So...we had a little talk with them, and made sure that doesn't happen again. Anyway, my time is running out. take care, bye! Elder Schulte

p.s. Congratulations, Mike!

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