Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to the Rainy Season 6/7/10

Hey Guys,

This is the last week of this move, and I am going into my last transfer. This week is the moves meeting. It has been an interesting moves (6 weeks). I really like being out in the Eesan again. Its been hot, and also we are starting to enter into the rainy season, so it has been raining once everyday, and raining hard. Fortunately it mostly rains during the study time, so no problem.
Hey I really enjoyed the graduation pictures. I recognized a lot of people there, a lot of Michael's friends, but the majority of Michael's class I didn't recognize! Anyway, it looks like you guys had a great time, Mike, you've turned out to be a really awesome guy! You already were, but I am really proud. Seriously, I've been telling a lot of people this week, "Hey, my brother just graduated!" I looked back on this week, and there were definitely a lot of things that could have gone better. The week was fine, but teaching people could be better, meaning, teaching people, not lessons. When I say that, I mean teaching in a way that the restored gospel helps people. I looked back on this past week, and realized that that could be a lot better. Pray for my companion and me that we might be able to do this.
Thanks for all your support! I got moms letter last week, but I haven't gotten the birthday package yet. When I go to Bangkok this week, I will look for it.
Hey next week, I am going to look for a Pin, a special Thai guitar that has three strings, and I'm going to ship it home.
-elder schulte

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