Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jung-What? 4/22/09

Hey guys!
So, Ubon is an interesting place. Oh by the way, a jungwat is like a state, so Ubon is the state, and Warin is a city in the jungwat of Ubon. Yeah. Well, it is cool to be here. Warin feels a lot like Bang-na, only central Bangkok is nowhere to be found. Nice! Bangkok was way cool, but what I like about this place is that it is not loud like Bangkok. It is a somewhat modern community here like Bang-na, they have a shopping center, internet, electricity(no problem). But on the outskirts of this community, there are a lot of people who live in huts and shacks and are very poor. Our house is nice. We have a small 2 story here in Warin. The church is in the other area, where the district leader and his comp live. So, we get to take a tuk tuk to church! In fact, we get to take a tuk tuk to a lot of places because there are no cabs outside of Bangkok. We go to a branch here. A branch is a congregation not large enough to be a ward. The members are way nice, I have met many of them so far, and we have gone teaching with one already, Bro. Diaw. He is way nice, and speaks some English. This is a cool district. So, it is Elder Palmer and I, and then there is Elder Wiser and his companion, Elder Sakul(that’s what we call him ‘cause his name is really, really long), then there is Sister Bradfield(who was in the mtc group after me), and
sister Wanphan. Today we took a road trip to some state parks. We went to a park and got to climb on some incredible rock formations that line the river Muun, which borders Laos, so we saw Laos today! It was a fun trip, but we got back kinda late, and we have to go teach English at the church tonight. So, I will fill you in on more from Warin next week.
GodSpeed !!!-Elder Schulte

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Angie said...

Beth, tell him to take a picture of the Tuk Tuk's for me. I want to see if they are the same as they are in Guatemala.