Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Assignment!

Hey family,

So you are probably wondering why I am emailing you on Friday, and not next Wednesday. Well, I am in my new area, and my new companion, Elder Palmer, who was companions with Elder Young, did not have the opportunity to email, due to Elder Young's (bike/truck) accident. So he is here today emailing and I am as well.

I am in Warin, in the Ubon jungwat, in Eastern Thailand. It was a very long night train ride, and I didn’t sleep well because the car we were in shook and jolted all night long, but I am fine, I got up while the train was still about 2 hours from Ubon, and I watched out the window as we passed miles and miles of rice fields and farms. So here I am now in Warin, about a 12 hour train ride from Bangkok. So look up Ubon on the internet. This is sweet!!!

Elder Correa(from my MTC group) is Elder Frischknecht’s new companion in Bang-na, so that will be a party, he’s way cool. And Sister Crapes has fulfilled her dream of having a Thai companion. Elder Young moved to a place called KongKang, and Elder Jones is now a zone leader with his MTC companion. Sister Scalf is on her way home to Kentucky after 2 years.Well, I’ll fill you in more on this new place next week, some of the people here speak a different dialect of Thai, oh-no!Well, take care guys!- Elder Schulte

Oh, I got to see Elder Young’s bike today, it’s a mess!

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