Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Last Week in Bang-Na

Hey guys!
So wouldn't ya know it, I was typing this letter and the power went out in the building, so all the computers shut down, and I was at the end of the letter when it happened. So I will make this brief. Things are good. We saw a guy wrestle a boa constrictor out of a tree on Friday, and Elder Frischknecht asked him if we could take it and set it free, so he gave us the sack with the snake, and we took it to the church and set it free! Cool! I'll explain more next week. Next week is the Sonkrang Water Festival. This entire country is going to get wet, very wet, with people splashing and spraying each other with water buckets and squirtguns. Oh yeah!

Well, yesterday, we went to see Brother Dam. He lives in a rundown hut behind Brother Yodyings hut(the member who took us fishing). He can't walk, so he sits in the hut all day, but really likes it when members and missionaries come over. So, yesterday he could not speak very well, so we asked him if we could give him a blessing, and he could not speak, but put on a huge smile! So we gave him a blessing, and he was really grateful, and it was a really powerful moment. He has a lot of faith.

So, this is my last week here in Bang-na, I have learned alot here, have seen my language ability grow so much. When I got here, I didn't understand a word, and could not say, like anything. Thailand Thai is way different than MTC Thai by the way. Now its way easier to speak, and I've noticed in these past 3 weeks, that I can understand alot more than I realized. The way to learn a language is: Speak the language with your companion, talk to natives, learn vocab daily, read Thai scriptures and books daily, write down words that you hear, and learn how to use them.
Well, I am writing this really fast, but I want to add also that my testimony of the restored gospel has really grown here as well. This has been an awesome place to serve, and I can't wait to see what the next chapter will be like.
Thanks for all your support, continue to keep in touch, and GodSpeed!!!
-Elder Schulte

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