Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Settling in" in Warin

Hey guys!
I am settling in really well here in Warin. This is a wonderful area, such really nice people, and the members are really great here. We just had our zone conference in Sisagate, which is an hour away from here. On Sunday, there was a district conference for all the branches in this part of Thailand. They all met at the newly finished church building there in Sisagate, which is so beautiful. That was the first meeting in that building! There is another building under construction right now in our area, which the branch members will be using very soon, so they are all excited about that. But anyway, we went to the district conference in Sisagate, and that night we stayed in a hotel, and then came back the next day and had zone conference. Zone conference is a really great experience! President and Sister Dodge, and the assistants prepare presentations and workshops that give us ideas on how to be better missionaries, and this conference really focused on developing Christlike attributes, which can help us become more like Him. There were many awesome ideas and thoughts that came from this meeting, and it was a really great experience.

Elder Palmer and I are teaching a husband and wife with a baptismal date for May 10th. They are really great! His name is Somekit, and her name is Mong, and they have 3 little kids. They have been investigators for a while, but have finally legally married, which was just so great for them, and they are now going to be baptized. They are really nice! Last week we visited and had dinner with them. There is a Thai Isan dish that is really good, but can be really hot and spicy, its called "somedam", so Elder Palmer told them that we were going to bring it with 20 hot peppers in it! And they were like, "alright go for it!" So, basically, it is shredded papaya, vinegar, and peanuts, and Thai people like to eat really spicy stuff, so its no problem. Well, we came that night with it, along with sticky rice and a loaf of bread to hinder the spicyness. It was super spicy! My eyes were watering, my nose was running, aghhh!!! But we had a nice visit. Tuesday night was not a repeat of that thankfully. We had an awesome visit with them yesterday, in which we asked if they wanted to be baptized. They acccepted and are going to be baptized on May 10th. Yes!!! There are so many amazing things happening! This area is so cool, and this district is way fun to work with. Thanks for all your support, this is just an awesome experience, and an incredible time of personal growth.
Take care everyone!!! GodSpeed!!!-Elder Schulte

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