Monday, March 8, 2010


Hey Family,

It's scary how fast time is flying while I'm here in Thailand! We had a
really great week. President Smith told the zone leaders in a recent interview,
that our weekly results are blowing his mind. This area hasn't seen this in a
long time. Members were really helpful this week, no joke. So, right now,
things are way good in Thonburi. I had a great switchoff in Asoge with Elder
Young last week. I remember switching off there about a year ago when I was
still with Elder Jones. Remember the picture of me standing on the street corner
with all the cars, taxis and motorbikes? I was there again Friday, over a year

Anyway, we really did hammer it out this week. Early morning inviting was great,
there are a lot more people out at that time, when it hits 11:00 though, people
are all inside from the heat, so its not so effective to be out working.
Actually I really like this new schedule, going out at 7:30 in the morning wakes
me up, and coming home in the afternoon to study until 4:00 is awesome. I can
focus a lot better.
The trip to Ganjanaburi last week was great. We didn't see Burma, we were still a
ways from it, but the Province is right next to it. I've never seen the
movie. (Bridge Over the River Kwai) I would really like to though.
Well, my comp is doing well, but we will have to go to the hospital on
Friday to check his ear out, and on top of that, he may have worms, uh-oh.
Well, he is a real trooper.

So that's whats going on right now. It's getting hotter, but we miss the hottest part of the day with this new schedule.

I've had some great studies lately. Right now there is a mission wide Book of Mormon reading challenge, but not the usual one. It is following a Preach my Gospel activity which involves reading the Book of Mormon, and underlining all the references to the Savior. There are more than you can imagine. Its really opened my eyes to who Jesus Christ is,in the Book of Mormon, seriously, check this out... He is not only referred to as Savior, and Redeemer, he has many other names, due to his special relationship with us....
I challenge you guys to check this out. Also something else that I was studying
was Moroni 8:25-26, concerning the relationship between the restored gospel and
the Christlike Attributes(do you guys have a copy of Preach my Gospel in the
house? It may be good to have that on hand for that study.) Let me know what you think after you read it.Thanks for everything guys! Times gonna run out here,bye!

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