Sunday, March 21, 2010

Red Shirts and Demonstrations 3/15/10

Hey guys,

Thanks for your letters this week. It really isn't long now is it? Wow. Well,
that is something called "trunkyness" and highly discouraged! For both
missionaries, and parents...
So about the situation here(marches and demonstrations in Bangkok)... yes it is big. There was a warning out to
have 4 days supply of food for this past weekend. Friday it was expected to get
really intense. I've only heard stuff through zone leaders and various
bystanders, but actually, to be honest, nothing big has happened on this side of
the river, or as of now, there are no big rallies over here. It is all happening
on the other side of the city in the Asoge area. There are a lot of soldiers on
the streets throughout our part of town in preparation, so not sure what's going
to happen. But, I'm not too worried about it, as long as we stay away from big
groups of red shirts.
We were able to go out and work like normal the last three days. Seriously, you
couldn't tell that this stuff is going on its so quiet here. But, it probably was
one of the reasons a lot of people didn't come to church yesterday.
Unfortunately, our 10 new investigators didn't carry over into this week, so that
was kind of a bummer, and opened up a lot of time to invite. Which was great,
nonetheless. Last night before a lesson, Elder Parkinson and I decided to go to
hand out fliers for the Wednesday night English class. We got a couple calls
later that night, including one guy's call, who was like "hey, I met you on the bridge
earlier today!" I started talking to him about who we are and how we are
missionaries and how we teach the restored gospel, and he is interested in
sitting down sometime to hear our message. That's right! Keep your lines in the
water... No, but really, English class is a really good way to find people interested in what we have to say.
Anyway, as far as teaching and getting new investigators,

Coming home is kinda scaring me, seriously. The moves meeting is this week on Thursday, the 18th. Not sure who's moving yet or what's happening. We will find out tomorrow. I'm going into my 13th transfer guys! 2 more after this, ah man!

thanks for everything guys! KawPrajao yuu dui jone juergan eeg!
-Elder Schulte

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