Monday, March 8, 2010

Thonburi 2/15/10

Hey family,
Another great week. We got a lot done, but no investigators were able to come to
church this week. On the brighter side, a family that has been less active for a long time came to church yesterday. We went to visit the dad last week to see how he was doing. He has a really nice family, with a wife, a little daughter about 6
years old, and a little baby son. A great family, and they showed up at

We have so much to do and so little time that it is hard
to fit anymore visits with potentials in, where less active members are scheduled, and the other way around as well. The Assistants to the President of the mission
called us on Wednesday, the were checking out our results over the past transfer, and are really impressed with everything. Seriously, having daters(someone with a set baptism date), investigators attend church, having at least 2 new investigators a week... Thonburi hasn't had this in a long time! What we are going to work on this week is having better backup plans this week, to use time effectively. If an investigator isn't free, we will really try to get in to see one of the less active members. And the other way around as well. Anyway, it has come through the Lords help. We've really worked hard on being diligent, obedient, and it is really paying off.

Last year in Bang-na, there was a really weird valentines/cowboy theme,party on Valentine's Day. Oh man! I think I sent you pictures of that! This year they didn't do much for it.
Elder Parkinson celebrated his "6 month in country" mark on the 12th, and I am at
18 months as a missionary as of the 13th. Crazy.
Thanks for everything, take care, love you all!\
-Elder Schulte

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