Monday, March 22, 2010

New Companion 3/22/10

Hey, i accidentally erased the top half of this email, so I am going to summarize real quick here:
Basically I have a new companion, Elder Cooper, my 8th companion.
We had a sweet lesson the other night with Bog, our superstar! He is progressing a lot, and the Elders Quorum President Brother Longe, is really impressed and also feels like he could have a lot of potential. Bog understands the scriptures really well, keeps reading commitments and prays everyday. Problem is, he still hasn't come to church. He's worried about closing his restaurant on Sunday. Elder Cooper and I last night talked about ways to help him. Please keep him in your prayers as his baptismal date is on May 2nd.

The Elders Quorum President said on Sunday that he wants to set aside 6 hours every day this week to help us teach investigators. Whoa! Well, we will definitely take advantage of that. He was really impressed with Bog, and I like that he is seeing the things that we are doing here. That's what I want members here to see. Having members sit down in lessons is a great way to help investigators progress. I'm sure the missionaries in Kokomo have found that as well. I will definitely be helping them when I get back.

Well, so that's whats up on the west side(of the river). Thats way sweet that you guys have been talking to Diaw, way sweet guy, Elder Palmer and I had some fun riding around and inviting with him in Ubon.

Another thing I heard recently, Bog likes to watch American news, and he just told the other day that Marie Osmond died, did you guys hear about that? That's crazy!
Oh, hey whats going down in Israel right now? I keep hearing snipits of news on various Thai radios about something happening, and also bad relationships between Israel and America, whats going on? Hey, some Thai people speak
German really well. I was on a bus the other day, and I was talking to a woman in Thai, German, and English, it was way cool!

One more thing, a lot of red shirt stuff going on. We saw a caravan pass our apartment on Saturday. They were red, waving flags, shouting, playing loud music, making a lot of racket!

I think that's about it, its all good here, crazy, I only have 3 transfers left, aghhhhh!!!!! I dont wanna come home!
-Elder Schulte

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