Monday, March 8, 2010

AttidTeeSuudYodleuy! 1/25

Hey Family,
Thanks for the great emails this week. I'm glad to hear that both Grandpas are
doing well, that is great news! Oh, other news... It sounds like there was a major
earthquake in Haiti. A lot of people have been talking about it here. Apparently
there were some Thai people in the country at the time who were killed in the

There was also a solar eclipse over Asia a few days ago, we bought some small
lenses so we could look at it, that was pretty cool. Remember the eclipse in

Well, this week was a success. We definitely did better having
lesson with members. We had an investigator at
sacrament yesterday. Apparently, this is the first time in months that an
investigator has come, and I think it can be attributed to having a member
present in the lesson. The member invited them, rather than us just
saying, "we want you to come to church". So, that was cool, and the other thing was
we met up with a referral from some elders in another are. His named is Berd,
and he is really interested. A line of missionaries have been preparing this man. He is really smart, very hard working, has had a baptismal date before, but has never been able to get the timing right. He just recently got a new job that he says allows him to be able to come to church. We sat down with him for the first
time 2 days ago, and talked about baptism and getting ready. He says he
wants to get baptized. He wants to do a lot of review, and finish learning about
commandments, and then he says he will be ready to go. Wow! So we could see
him baptized by the end of this next transfer. Sweet!

We've had some good results this week. So much better than the beginning of this
transfer. It's amazing! I came into this area, and there was nothing but work with less active members. Elder Parkinson and I have worked really hard to get things
to this point. We have a lot of potentials, really great investigators, and now
after some follow ups, we have some guys progressing, keeping reading and
praying commitments, and now...going to church!

I'm way impressed with this ward! There are some really sweet members here, and I
love how they really fellowshipped our investigator, Paw PongPan.

The moves meeting is this week. I don't think either of us are moving. Sweet! We have alot to do!

Thanks for everything. This week has been wonderful. We've had some hardcore SYL (Speak your Language) sessions and some great language boost moments, and our Thai has skyrocketed this week, no joke! We are going to hit this next transfer hard.
-Elder Schulte

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