Monday, March 8, 2010

Thonburi 2/1/2010


Thanks for your emails. We've had another great week. Had 2 investigators at
church for the first time in, it sounds like, months, and we even had a recent
convert/investigator class for the first time in months as well. We have worked
on being bold but not overbearing this week, in teaching and giving commitments.
That's way cool you guys have been in touch (facebook) with members of the church in Ubon. That's a really fun group.

Its getting pretty warm here and has been raining occasionally. It takes me back to last summer in Ubon/Warin where it rained every single day in July. Oh man!
I haven't heard much about Haiti, except through investigators and members,
and the Bishop talked about it in Sacrament yesterday. I will print this article out that mom sent and read it.

We've had some interesting experiences lately. On Thursday we decided to
go find a member on a particular street, but invited people we met on the way there. We were walking down the road, and a guy up ahead in a wheel chair shouted "Elder!", so we approached this guy who had apparently met with missionaries before. He was catholic and went to church every week. He had been to
our church before, and wanted to learn more, but had lost contact with
missionaries so we said we would teach him, and Elder Parkinson laid it down
with him, he told him "alright, we'll teach you if you will stop drinking, and
another thing is that you have to come to church with us on Sunday!" and he was
like, "alright I'll do it". So we told him that we would come on Sunday morning
and pick him up. So we did, at 8:00 Sunday morning, we pulled up at his house
with a cab and took him to church, all read to go. It was really cool, and he
really liked going and wants to do it next week. We have an appointment to
teach him for real this Wednesday. Its cool how the spirit works, seriously. If
we hadn't gone there, how would we have found that man? Anyway, we've worked on being bold. It was a really great experience.

Wow! So, I'd better get going. We are gonna get some pizza today, yes! Take care guys!
-Elder Schulte

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